Wish You Had An Easy Way To Find College Scholarships And Understand How College Financial Aid Really Works?

That is exactly what you get with my Self-guided Video Course!

This Self-guided Video Course is perfect for you if:

  • You are WILLING to do the work and follow my process.
  • You WANT to understand the Financial Aid System.
  • You are OPEN to having conversations with your family about HOW college is going to be paid and by WHOM.
  • You are HAPPY to try new ideas and proven strategies. 

This Course is NOT for you if:

  • You are NOT WILLING to do the work OR put in the time and effort.
  • You THINK you already have all the answers and are NOT open to new strategies and techniques.
  • You are NOT OPEN to having conversations about paying for college OR picking colleges that fit your family budget. 
Our son is already excited about the next steps in his young adult life. He told us he, “has a plan” now. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for the invaluable assistance you’ve given us.  You have generously shared your expertise and experience with us, and we really appreciate it.
Parent testimonial: Robby and Renae S.

Dan Bisig - Founder of College and Beyond, LLC        Independent Educational Consultant

"Dan The College Man"

Over the past 15 years, I have had the pleasure of working with 1000’s of terrific students and parents just like you on every aspect of the college process.

However, the top questions I receive every year are:

 “Where can I find college scholarships?” 


“How are we going to pay for college?”

Regardless of whether your family can pay 100% for the college of your dreams, EVERYBODY wants to pay as little as possible – and that all starts with finding scholarships!

I invite you to purchase my course so that you can:


  • Pick the Right Colleges

  • At the Right Price

  • And pursue the Right Scholarship Opportunities

Everything You Get With My Course

- OVER $1,000 In Value! -

In Module #1: We dive into the "Money Talk" and I give you access to a Dynamic EFC Calculator and Scholarship Software Search Tool

In Module #2: We cover every type of College Scholarship in detail so that you can identify which type(s) you should go after

In Module #3: I share some BONUS topics that every family needs to be aware of when it comes to the scholarship process

18 Video Tutorials covering every aspect of the College Funding and Scholarship process

Printable Color Workbooks for you to keep and use with each lesson as you run your EFC and search for the right scholarships to pursue

A College Budgeting Program where you can easily work through your Family’s College Budget

An Excel College Scholarship Tracking Form to help keep you organized and on target when you apply for scholarships

List of Dan’s Favorite Scholarship Websites – to make searching for outside private scholarships easier

BONUS - LINKS to additional resources to help you identify other potential private scholarship opportunities to pursue

What Is My Total Investment?

For ONLY $197, You Get 

  • 18 Video Tutorials                                          - Completed at your own pace 
  • Printable Color Workbooks
  • An easy to use College Budgeting Program
  • An Excel Spreadsheet College Scholarship Tracking Form
  • List of Dan’s Favorite Scholarship Websites
  • BONUS - LINKS to additional resources

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Success can be achieved by using this terrific DIY Course.